Artisan's Asylum Front Desk Staff Application Form (Fall 2017)

Front Desk Staffers are the Asylum’s front line greeters and provide first impressions for visitors and the curious, potential donors, the press, new students, and prospective members. We support and inform our existing membership. One of the benefits of sitting the front desk is a chance to interact with many members and visitors; if you enjoy being part of our community of makers, you’ll probably enjoy this position.

The position requires a broad array of skills such as computer literacy and strong communication. No one type of skill predominates.Your shift will often include finding information and solving problems as well as handling mail, email, phone calls, administrative tasks, and student arrivals. We give tours to the public and help orient new members.

Submit your application by Wednesday, November 22nd at 6PM to be considered for the Fall 2017 Training Session.

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