FIG (Focused Inquiry Group) Application
Thanks for your interest in applying for a FIG through the Teaching and Learning Center at Berkeley City College. Please complete this form to have your project considered by the TLC Advisory Board. For more information about FIGs, please click this link:
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What is your proposed inquiry question?
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Why is this an important line of inquiry that will help your team and the college as a whole improve student outcomes?
What information do you already have indicating that this project can significantly impact student success/retention/equity at BCC? Please provide a link to some internal or external source. For example, did the CCSSE, a Learning Outcomes Assessment, or a previous FIG indicate this is an area we can improve? Is there a successful program that addresses this area at another school? Does research show a certain intervention to be effective? If this is an entirely new question, what led you to it?
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How do you think you will gather information from local current students?
It's OK if this idea changes/develops as your project continues.
Contact information of members
Please list for each member: Name, department/area, preferred email
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Who will be the leader(s)?
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Who will apply for a stipend?
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This project focuses on
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Has this project been approved by your department chair? *
Department chairs may use data collected from FIG projects for programmatic purposes or may be able to suggest areas of inquiry needing assessment.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
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