Colors for Coats Interest Form for Chapter Registration
This is the Google Form for students interested chapter registration. Please fill out your contact information and chapter location. By entering your email, you will added to our listserv, where we will be sending another additional form and more info. You will receive this within 24 to 48 hours.

Colors for Coats is a public health organization focused on spreading awareness about medical disparities affecting various communities. As chapter leaders, you will be responsible for making sure your club runs smoothly and receives engagement and participation from ALL members. Colors for Coats is not a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization yet, however some of these hours are also approved by other 501(c)(3) organizations we work with. For more information/questions, contact us with the information below.

Benefits of Starting a Chapter:
- Great leadership opportunity
- Looks great on college applications and different scholarships
- Work closely with Colors for Coats to complete projects and articles with your chapter
- Earn community service hours (officers can complete activities for hours as well)
- Access to guest speaker live streams and future mentorships with health care professions (coming soon!)
- And most importantly, you can help your community!

Make sure to view the PowerPoint below:

Check out to see if there is a chapter already established in your school or district.

1. Contact your school administration to get approval of establishing a chapter. (If your school does not allow a chapter within the school, you can create a district chapter.)

2. Next get a sponsor for your Colors for Coats Club (a sponsor can be a teacher or school administrator who will be able to oversee all activities in the club and sign off on hours). This would not apply for district chapters, and hours will be signed off by us.

3. Ensure at least 7 members are interested in joining your chapter (including at least 3 officers).

4. Ensure that you are committed to operating the club, contacting local facilities, organizations, and individuals, and carrying out projects. All of this information about roles and duties are on the PowerPoint and Bylaws above.

If you have any questions, contact us via Instagram (@colorsforcoats), or send us an email (
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