Dead Girls Academy - "Inside Out" Video Quiz
Watch the "Inside Out (feat. Jinxx)" music video VERY CAREFULLY and take this short quiz to be entered to win the Dean NashVegas Select Black Satin guitar featured in the music video!
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Dead Girls Academy - "Inside Out (feat. Jinxx)"
What enamel pin does Michael have on the right side of his leather jacket? *
1 point
How many rings is Jinxx wearing? *
1 point
What animal print is Craig sitting on? *
1 point
What is tattooed on Michael's right hand? *
1 point
What color pants is everyone wearing? *
1 point
How many lamps are in the video? *
1 point
What color is Craig's ring finger on his left hand painted? *
1 point
What is hanging from Michael's left ear? *
1 point
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