Registration Form - Copyright School Challenge
Participants are to submit an original video clip to promote copyright and they stand a chance to win cash prizes.

The video clip can be filmed with any device or produced with graphical animations.

This competition is open to all Secondary school students from both local and international schools as well as Junior Colleges, Polytechnics, and Institute of Technical Education in two categories:

Category A: Secondary School Students
Category B: Junior College, Polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education students

Submissions can be done either individually or in a team of up to 4 with 1 of the 4 submitting on behalf of the group. All submissions are to be accompanied by the contact information of the supervising teacher in-charge.

Note the limit of only one submission per entry and only one entry per group and/or individual.

The judging criteria to be based on creativity, engagement, and "inspirationalness" of the video content.
All submissions must adhere to the theme of Copyright protection.
The judges and contest organisers shall have the final say and all decisions made will be final and made at the discretion of the judges and contest organisers.

The Singapore Book Publishers Association and CLASS limited reserve the right to use any and all submitted works by the participants for future marketing and communications efforts.
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