Vestal Public Library 2021 Community Survey
Vestal Public Library is a community focused and patron driven organisation. The purpose of this survey is to ensure that we are continually informed by our users of their needs and interests.

5 - 10 minute survey - (11 multiple choice questions, 6 short-answer questions)
1. OUTREACH - Which media sources are the best way to inform you about events and programs at the Vestal Public Library? (choose all that apply) *
2. TRANSPORTATION - When you visit the library, what is your primary mode of transportation? *
3. ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME - Please select the range that best describes your annual household income. (choose only one answer) *
4. RESIDENCY - Select the answer that best describes your residence status. (choose only one answer) *
5. RELATIONSHIP STATUS - Select the answer that best describes your current relationship status. (choose only one answer) *
6. CHILDREN - Are you the parent, caregiver, legal guardian of any children (0-18 years old)? Select the answer that best describes your current household. (choose only one answer) *
7. LIBRARY SERVICES - Have you used any of the following services in the past 3 years? (choose all that apply) *
8. ENGAGEMENT - In the past 3 years, have you attended any of the following program offerings? (choose all that apply) *
9. PROGRAMMING AGE RANGE - What Age Range best fit your household's programming needs or interests? (choose all that apply) *
10. ADULT PROGRAMMING (18 years - older) - Which of the following Adult Programs would your household attend ? (choose all that apply) *
11. YOUTH PROGRAMMING (0 - 18 years old) - Which of the following Youth Programs would your household attend? (choose all that apply) *
12. FEEDBACK - What is your primary reason for using the Vestal Public Library? *
13. FEEDBACK - What other services do you wish the library offered? Please be specific. *
14. FEEDBACK - What prevents you from using or coming to the library more often? Please be specific. *
15. FEEDBACK - Is there anything you particularly enjoy about the Vestal Public Library or want to see more of? Please be specific. *
16. FEEDBACK - What would you change or improve about the Vestal Public Library? Please be specific. *
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