BCH Black Only Spaces Registration 

This Survey is Designed to help us get a sense of members' self-locations and needs upon entering our Black/African Diasporic Community Spaces. It is not our intention to turn any Black person away, however, we do want to ensure that people who enter this space have done some self-reflection and considered their values in relation to our own before requesting entry. Please contact us directly for any clarifications needed or to address any technical issues! We can be reached at blackcreativehealing@gmail.com

Additional notes: registrations may take up to a week for our team to process. Please be sure to check your spam/promotions folders to make sure you don't miss important emails or links from us!

IMPORTANT: Our Discord Space is currently only open for registration by people who self-identify as Black or descended from the African Diaspora. Non-Black co-conspirators and others interested in additional content relating to the BCH podcast and events can read our free newsletter here, or become a paying patron here.

Registration at this time will still cap at 45 participants, until we collectively feel into our capacity to expand.

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If you've used Discord before (which is not required!), please enter your username here. This is so we can match these responses with your profile:
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Any name(s) you'd prefer to be called by? You may also enter your pronouns into this space.
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Briefly tell us about how you found this space. Please note that one word responses like "Eventbrite" will not be counted as sufficient! We want to make sure you're human :-) *
Briefly tell us what you hope to find or experience in this space. Not just so we can confirm that you're human, but because we want to be really intentional about the kind of space we're creating with others. Space that is restorative, healing, generative, and safe. When we receive minimal answers to our surveys that do not give us a sense of who a person is, it becomes difficult for us to trust that person has given our space the kind of care and depth of intention that we strive to create and foster. So please take this opportunity to tell us a little about what you're looking for, so we can see if we'd be a good fit for your needs: *
Are you interested in being connected with other attendees in your region who may wish to experience our events together in person? *
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