The Southern Theater Request for Proposals for the 2020 AMPLIFY Series
Second Generation for 2020-2021 The AMPLIFY Series at The Southern Theater.

AMPLIFY: to make larger, greater, stronger: to increase in strength. The Southern will uplift 4 different productions/artists in any genre, to give voice and a platform to underrepresented stories that need to be heard.

The Southern will offer Pay What You Can performances for those who find ticket costs a barrier to attending. The Southern will also provide an ADA interrupter for one performance of each of the AMPLIFY productions.

Applications for the 2020-2021 Amplify Series will be accepted until June 1, 2020
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Project Description *
Include the following: 1. What is your artistic vision for this production? 2. What made you want to tackle the project or the subject matter? 3. How will this change or challenge you as an artist?
Why is this a good program for AMPLIFY? *
What is the artistic discipline/genre represented in your proposed work? *
How far along are you in the process? *
Artistic Team *
Who are the proposed performers and technical team that will be part of this production. Please indicate if they have been secured for the production or in initial talks
Budget *
Please include the working budget for your production. Describe various funding sources including grants, and indicate if secured or in process.
Production(s) History *
List at least two examples of a production you have produced. Include if any are similar in size and scope to proposed production. Include venues and audience capacity. Indicate areas for improvement realized as a result of other productions, and adjustments you plan to make with this production. Describe final budget outcomes.
Work Samples Link *
Please provide web links only. Samples of productions that are similar in scale and quality are encouraged if applicable. Samples should feature company and organization work. Featured artist work should also be included. Please indicate if artist samples are with a different company or group.
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Do you have a preferred date range or timeframe for your production (rank in order of preference if more than one)? Are there dates you are not available?
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