Reflection Questions
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What Zooniverse project(s) did you participate in?
What did you like?
What was the project about? For example, what was in the images (or audio/video clips)? What were you asked to do (e.g., were you answering questions? Or drawing on an image?)?
What question(s) do you think the researchers are trying to answer? If helpful, check out the project’s ‘About’ tab again.
What was the most interesting/fun/weird image (or audio/video clip) you saw in the project? What made it interesting/fun/weird?
In what ways do you think this project benefits science? Benefits society?
What questions do you have about this area of research? What are you interested in knowing more about?
Do you think you'll continue participating in this project or other Zooniverse projects? In other citizen science? Why or why not?  
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