CtrlZ.AI Convoluted Layer Application
Sell and/or show your zines without being there! We're introducing the Convoluted Layer as a way for folks to showcase their work, whether they can be at CtrlZ.AI or not. We encourage works that offer critical tech perspectives, discusses how diverse individuals experience technology, and imagines alternative tech futures. Convoluted Layer registration will remain open until 11:59 PST on Dec 15, 2019.

A convolutional layer, the building block of a convolutional neural network, maps input features to higher level representations. Stacking convolutional layers produces increasingly abstract and global representations that become easier for subsequent layers to parse. We call this the "Convoluted Layer" to turn this meaning on its head -- we want to take layers of AI systems and remix them for human comprehension. The Convoluted Layer will feature a curated set of zines from a range of folks who cannot be co-present at CtrlZ.AI.

Please contact us at info@ctrlz.ai if you have any questions.
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