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Please fill this form out completely. We establish contact for you by this information and share many details through email, text and our remind 101 app.
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The following is expected of all cast members:

1. Rehearsal schedules have been carefully planned to be respectful of your time. Attendance during your scheduled time is extremely important. This is a short rehearsal period for a musical and we expect you to come prepared to each rehearsal as well as practice on your own between rehearsals.

2. Off Book (memorized) February 14, 2017

3. When you are in rehearsal you will be respectful (quiet and listening attentively) of anyone providing instruction, notes or announcements.
Swearing, disrespectful and abusive language, as well as demeaning or teasing words designed to hurt will not be tolerated.

4. All cast members must be respectful of property including props, sound equipment, costumes and set pieces. Respect of property also includes our rehearsal and performance spaces. Defacing the property, theft, and littering will not be tolerated.

5. Out of School Sick…What to do? CONTACT MR. ORSETT ( If you are sick and do not attend school on any particular day you may not participate in rehearsal. If you are out more than 1/2 of the school day you are considered by the director to be absent. That means if you leave school before midway of your school day or arrive at school after midway of your school day you are not eligible to attend rehearsal that night. If you are not at rehearsal your lines or blocking will be given to another cast member. Unfortunately, we cannot wait for you to return to rehearsal to progress with the show.

6. Other Considerations - Each cast member may be asked to help assemble parts of her own costume(s). There may be some minor expense for personal items depending on the role of the cast member.

7. Rehearsal schedules will only change due to extenuating circumstances. We will notify you as early as possible regarding rehearsal changes. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Orsett at

8. Each parent/guardian is required to "check box" this statement below indicating that you understand the expectations and requirements for your student being a member of this production. Students will not be allowed to participate without this document.

9. There is a $25.00 fee to participate.

10. This contract is due no later than December 21, 2016.

By checking the appropriate box below, I have read and agree to the terms for participation in SEUSSICAL KIDS presented by Wakefield Theatre Boosters.
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