1st PostDoc Forum Austria
We invite PostDocs from all disciplines and from all institutions in Austria to take an active role in the 1st PostDoc Forum Austria. We want to feed your input into an ongoing discussion on how career development for young scientists in Austria can be improved.
Saturday, October 15, 2016. 9.30 - 16.30
Lorenz Böhler Trauma Center, Vienna.
Why should we PostDocs meet?
9 out of 10 PhDs do not make it to a permanent job in academia. The transition to a different career path is not easy and often unwanted, especially for PostDocs. We want to understand the needs of the PostDoc community as well as the current level of career support and existing initiatives aimed at PostDocs, and gather ideas that we can forward to the PostDoc community as well as our employers and external funding bodies.
What is going to happen at the Forum?
We want to combine our experience from our ongoing discussions and research on the situation of PostDocs and our need for career development with your input: your problems, your needs, your ideas. You can download a preliminary programme here: http://bit.ly/2bHFoML.
Whats in it for me?
Is your work contract limited and you don´t know when and whether it will ever become permanent? Would you need time and professional support to reflect on your career options? Do you want to hear about career development activities in other countries? Do you have ideas for how postdoc training could be structured to equip postdocs with better support and more diverse career opportunities? Do you want to connect with other PostDocs from across Austria, discuss your situation and develop ideas and suggestions how the professional life of PostDocs could be improved? Then come and join us!
What is the admission fee?
Admission is free. All we need is your time and your ideas (and we will even feed you!).
Who organises the Forum?
We are a group of PostDocs from different fields and backgrounds. Some of us are Austrians, more come from abroad. We are life scientists, social scientists, lawyers and political scientists and we work in fields like Human Rights, Public Health, Molecular Biology or Science and Technology Studies. Our names are Botond, Elisabeth, Erik, Julia, Katharina, Ksenia, Laura, Nico and Steph and you can reach us via postdoc.forum.austria@gmail.com.
Who should participate?
We aim for a broad mix of 70-80 participants with a wide variety of backgrounds. Registrations from disciplines, institutions and locations that have not previously registered will receive preferential treatment.
German or English?
All presentations and discussions will be held in English.
IMPORTANT UPDATE Nr. 3 (September 22):
We have received great feedback and registrations from a very broad range of disciplines! We ask for your understanding that we currently can offer only slots on the waiting list. Even if you cannot attend on the 15th we would be happy if you continue to sign up so we can stay in contact for future PostDoc activities!
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