NJ Economy Reopening
Warren County has partnered with Hunterdon and Sussex Counties to put together a joint reopening task force that will send a report to Governor Murphy on how we can safely reopen the economy in our region. The three Counties are collaborating on what the reopening of businesses will look like once Governor Murphy gives the green light. We have been asked to have businesses in our areas weigh-in. If you would please take a few minutes to think about these questions and provide answers to them before 5:00 PM on Friday (5/15). We know this is a quick turn around time, thank you for your participation, we appreciate your prompt response.
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What specific challenges do your businesses foresee when reopening the economy? *
What specific considerations should be made when reopening the economy in your area? *
What may fall through the cracks during the reopening if we do not bring it to the administration’s attention sooner rather than later? *
Is there anything else you think should be considered by the Governor as he reopens businesses in our area? *
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**** This is only a survey to collect information in support of a report that will be presented
to the Murphy Administration outlining questions and concerns raised by business owners and leaders in the Tri-County area. The joint resolution of Warren, Hunterdon and Sussex Counties is not and cannot be used as a license to reopen, disobey, disregard, or operate outside the scope of the Governor's executive order's. Participation in the survey and preparation by the counties of a report and recommendation to the Governor is not a license to reopen in contravention of state law or disobey an executive order of the Governor, Attorney General, or State Legislature. All social distancing and emergency orders of the state remain in full force and effect unless and until rescinded or modified by the issuing authority. Neither the counties nor their respective boards, commissions, agencies, employees etc may be held liable for any business owner’s or citizens willful disregard of a valid state law or executive order.
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