PRES Round-of-a-Paws
Please complete this "Round of a Paws" when you notice someone (a classmate, teacher, teacher aide, custodian, etc.), in school or on a class Google Meet, going "above and beyond" to show they CARE. Your response will be submitted to the principal and will be shared on the morning announcements.

Which CAREs value did they demonstrate?
Cooperation = We work together and help each other.
Accountability = We do what's expected. We take responsibility for our words and actions.
Respect = We take care of each other. We treat one another with kindness.
Effort = We always trying our best. We never giving up.
This Round-of-a-Paws is awarded to... (include person's first name, last name, and grade) *
For... (What did the person do to earn the round-of-a-paws?) *
Demonstrating the following PRES CAREs values: *
Recognized by: (Your name and grade) *
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