FHE Youth Cheer Sign-Ups
While we do not have a definitive answer on the 2020 Fall Sports Season, we are going to move forward like it is happening.

At this time, the board has chosen NOT to collect any fees until we get a ruling from MHSAA on fall sports - This is slated to happen in July. Once this happens, we'll reach out to those of you that have registered to finalize your registration by paying the fee - the fee will be similar to last year at about $135/per participant.

If these unprecedented times with COVID-19 has caused a financial hardship on your family and you would not be able to participate at full cost, please reach out to the board as we have opportunities for scholarships and for fundraising.

Otherwise, please sign up your child by filling out this form and cross your fingers we're able to have a fun and SAFE cheer season.
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Attention all incoming MIDDLE SCHOOLERS (6th, 7th & 8th Graders)! My daughter is also interested in information to sign up for the WINTER 2020-2021 COMPETITIVE CHEER Season *
Contact Information
We need at least one valid contact for each child. Cancellations, changes in schedule and any other communication will be sent to each parent on file.
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I am a Parent willing to volunteer my time for the 2020 Fall Cheer Season
Uniform Use
A Uniform will be provided for use during the season. While we understand a child's growing body can change significantly in the next few months, try your best to give child's uniform size needed.
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Skirt Size *
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I understand there may or may not be a Fall 2020 Cheer Season and I am signing up in hopes to finalize registration in July 2020 *
I understand this is a volunteer run organization and understand the planning and time commitment this holds for the volunteers, including our student coaches. I understand if I have any questions, comments or concerns, I will direct them to an adult member of the FHE Youth Cheer Board. *
I Understand we are at the mercy of MHSAA and the Schedules/Communication put out from Forest Hills Youth Football League. We do our best to keep you in the loop of scheduling changes and weather cancellations. *
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