Student Feedback on Infrasturcture
MGSM’s Arts, Science & Commerce College Chopda, Dist: Jalgaon
This questionnaire is intended to collect information relating to your satisfaction towards the infrastructure available in the institution. The information provided by you will be kept confidential and will be used as important feedback for quality improvement of the institution.
For each item please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following statement by clicking a score between 1 and 5. (1 – Below Average, 2 -Average, 3 – Good, 4 –Very Good, 5 – Excellent)
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1. The class rooms and furniture’s are available *
2. The building, classrooms and furniture are well maintained *
3 The labs are adequate and well equipped *
4 Parking facilities are available. *
5 Water resources are adequately provided *
6 Safe drinking water is available. *
7 Roads are well maintained within campus. *
8 Sport infrastructure for indoor and outdoor game *
9 Gymnasium facility is available
10 Separate boys and girls common room is available. *
11 Track for handicapped student is available. *
12 First aid cum sick room is available *
13 Seminar & Auditorium hall is available *
14 Library facilities are available *
15 Computer lab is available and well maintained. *
16 Internet and Wi-Fi facility is available. *
17 Sports ground is available *
18 Medicinal garden is well maintained.
19 Toilets are sufficient for student. *
20 Hostel facility is available *
• Comments/Suggestions for improvements of Infrastructure :
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If Poor, Please give the Suggestions for improvements of Infrastructure
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