Donate to the Harvard Pops Orchestra's endowment
Thank you for your support! There are two parts to the donation process. First, follow the steps described below to donate to the Pops Endowment. Then, fill out and submit this form to report what you donated. Part 2 is crucial because it allows us (the Alumni Network) to keep track of donations and give donors proper recognition.

To donate online:

1.) Open a new browser window or tab.
2.) Copy this link and enter it in the address bar:
3.) Under "Select a Fund," choose "OTHER"
4.) Under "Other Fund Name," enter "Harvard Pops Orchestra, 310-480135 RE"

Again, please fill out the form below once you have donated to notify us of your donation!

Questions? Email us at

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Please report here the amount that you donated to the Harvard Pops Endowment per the instructions above.
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