Register here for the Charlotte Repair Cafe'
Date/Time: Saturday Nov 9, 2019 10 am to 2 pm
Place: Charlotte Congregational Church, 403 Church Hill Rd, Charlotte, VT 05445

The Repair Cafe' is part of Transition Town Charlotte's mission to build community health by 1) extending the life of material things on which we depend, 2) keeping the items out of the landfill and reducing global warming, 3) saving us money, 4) learning new skills, and 5) getting to know our neighbors better. In a nutshell the Repair Cafe is a group of talented volunteers from our community that are willing to spend part of their Saturday fixing your stuff for free. At this Repair Cafe, community fixers will be present to offer the following repairs:

• Mend clothing by hand or sewing machine; repair holey knits; adjust sewing machines
• Replace zippers
• Repair lamps–replace switches and cords, tighten wobbly bases
• Troubleshoot and/or repair small appliances, electronics, radios, fans, heaters, (de)humidifiers
• Sharpen garden tools, replace wooden handles
• Repair jewelry, replace watch batteries, fix watch bands, replace eyeglass screws
• Repair furniture, cuckoo clocks, dolls, favorite toys
• Sharpen knives, scissors, axes
• make a blue jean skirt from your old jeans!
• Diagnose and/or fix computers, laptops, smartphones and printers
• Replace smartphone batteries
• Tune and minor repair of bicycles, truing of bike wheels
• Repair and adjust skateboards
• Got something different… we are up for all new challenges!

We ask that everyone wishing to have an item fixed register here beforehand so we can tell the repairers what items they might expect. They may also choose to email you if they have a question about your item. If you know your gizmo needs a replacement part such as a switch or lamp cord, please purchase it before hand and bring it with you. (We do NOT reimburse you for your part purchases). Or come early and we will tell you what you need so you can purchase it at a local hardware store and come back. If you have more than one item and others are waiting for repairs, we may ask you to go to the back of the line after your first item is repaired.

Part of the purpose of the Repair Cafe' is educational. By watching the fix we hope that you might be able to perform the repair yourself should it arise again. Thus we highly encourage participants to hang out while the fixers work on your item to answer questions, ask questions, watch, absorb, eat muffins, etc,.

Except for your purchase of any parts you need, their is no charge for the Repair Cafe' nor the repairs but we do ask that participants bring a non-perishable food or monetary donation to the Charlotte Food Shelf. The Repair Cafe' is open to folks from anywhere.

Questions about your repair?.... Contact Wolfger at Want to share your skills and be a fixer? ... Contact Jamey at

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By checking the following box I indicate my agreement to the following statement: I understand that there are no guarantees that the volunteer repairers can fix my broken item(s). There is always inherent risk in attempting repairs such that the items may become damaged further. I will not hold any of the repairers, Transition Town Charlotte, The Charlotte Congregational Church, or any of the sponsoring organizations liable for not fixing an item, or further damaging an item, or not re-assembling an item, or for any injury or damage that the said item, repaired or not repaired, later causes to anyone or any property. *
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