MetroWest Conference for Women: Speaker Application (Conference date: September 17, 2020)
Thank you for considering being a speaker at our fourth annual MetroWest Conference for Women 2020!

We are on a mission to promote and connect local, MetroWest women. The She's Local movement is all about keeping this conference accessible, relevant, and affordable for all women. Our goal is to provide a platform for you and the amazing women in your region. As a result, priority will be given to MetroWest based speakers. We DO NOT give honorariums. All participants and organizers are volunteers. Please consider the value of our sold-out attendance (600+) and high level of engagement on digital and social platforms used to promote the talented women chosen to speak at our conference.

Benefits of being a speaker, as described by the hundreds of expert panelists who have graced our stages over 4 years:
- Featured as an expert on the MetroWest Conference for Women pages of w/ business link
- Featured as an expert in She's Local & MetroWest e-newsletters w/ business link
- Featured on all She's Local & MetroWest social platforms w/ business link
- Featured on prominent color boards throughout the Conference hall
- Featured on conference handouts w/ speaker bios and contact information in breakouts
- Exclusive acceptance into a growing network of She's Local experts, connecting you to national speaker opportunities
- Connection to local like-minded topic experts for mentorship, advocacy, and lasting support
- Complementary tickets to both the VIP Kick-off event & Conference day
- Participation in a day you won't soon forget!

Proposal submissions will be accepted until April 14, 2020. Once applications close, we will create expert panels of 3 speakers to address a topic which was highly requested during our monthly Open Community meetings in MetroWest (available on our MetroWest Conference for Women Face Book page). If selected, you and your expert panel mates will work together to develop your content and format of your breakout session. Breakout sessions run for 45 minutes each, and run twice with a 15 minute break in-between sessions. (i.e. if selected, your breakout session would EITHER run in the morning from 10-10:45a then repeat from 11-11:45a OR in the afternoon from 2-2:45p then repeat from 3-3:45p)

We feature all speakers on our social channels. We can only tag you if you engage with our social pages. Please be sure to follow along for maximum exposure to our audience: Instagram - @sheslocal_metrowest @sheslocal
Facebook & LinkedIn: MetroWest Conference For Women & She's Local
Twitter: @mwmasswomen @sheslocal

Thank you for taking the time to share your passion with us! We look forward to seeing you at the MetroWest Conference on September 17, 2020 (and at the mandatory and fun evening reception for speakers on the September 16) taking over the Sheraton Framingham.

If you have any questions about these policies, please email:
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