Hong Kong JAM 2017 Registration(for public)(事先登記已完結。不過,要來呀! 接收walk-in的。還有,來行市集呀。不能錯過!)
第四年的Hong Kong Jam繼續聚集各領域的朋友,為香港Jam出新創意。您將會看到不同領域的社會創新者,包括:育兒及教育、食物、未來城市及安老等。Hong Kong Jam不僅是「傳統會議」,而是一個非正式會議!我們將連結不同組織和社會創新者的知識和資源,一同期盼我們的社區變得更好。在今次會議中,你不再只在聆聽「社會創新在做什麼」,我們需要你的投入。Hong Kong Jam將連繫不同想法的朋友,擦出新火花。各式各樣的工作坊將充分運用到你的頭腦及身體。


Now in it’s 4th year, Hong Kong Jam returns to bring together changemakers from across city to create a better Hong Kong. Featuring well known social innovators in the fields of Parenting and Education,Our city, Active Ageing and Food, Hong Kong Jam is not your standard conference. It’s an Unconference, where we pool together our collective knowledge and resources to build new connections to benefit the community.

If you expect to come to ‘just listen to what’s going on in social innovation’, then you’ll be disappointed. Featuring a variety of workshops to engage the body and mind, Hong Kong Jam is curated to bring mind-likely and unlikely collaborators together for positive impact. Each session is designed to be highly interactive and we welcome all participants, as long as you’re open-minded and want to be a part of the change!

Besides lots of inspiring stories, snacks and beverages from local artisans, don't miss our social enterprises marketplace and live music. Come and join us!

時間Time |10:00-19:00
日期 Date |5-11-2017 (日)
地址Address |好單位 Good Lab (L1, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, West Kowloon )
網站 | http://goodlab.hk/hongkongjam-2017/
Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/TheGoodLab/
節目詳情 | http://bit.ly/comeandjoinhongkongjam2017

Can you tell us know what you would like to change in Hong Kong the most? 你最希望改變香港的甚麼? *
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Any project you are doing currently for the community? 你現在手上有甚麼關於社區的計劃嗎?
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Which session you would like to take part in discussion? 你最希望參與哪一部分的討論?
Please be reminded that it is not a talk.If you come, you have to let us know how you think about the topic. We need and love your idea! (請留意它們並非講座。作為參加者,你也要JAM,不只聆聽,而是全情投入,放開想像,一起改變未來。)
14:15-15:30 時段
15:45-17:00 時段
17:00-19:00 時段
What do you want to get from HKJAM?您希望在HKJAM中獲得甚麼? *
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Do you have any topics which you would like to discuss? 你有沒有想討論的其他話題?
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How do you know about HKJAM? 你是如何得知HKJAM的資訊? *
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