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Where are you based?  You need to be Rugby area(-ish)!  This may be "stretchy" for people in outlying villages and sometimes for little fish in bigger ponds.   *
What is the name you work under?  Your name or your business name. *
What (briefly) would you like people to know about you & what you do? *
How would you categorise what you do?  As the website fills up with artists & makers I'll need to group people - this will help me to work out how! *
Do you take commissions?
What's your website?  (If you have one.) Full links are best.
What's your Facebook? (If you have one.) Full links are best.
What's your Instagram?  (If you have one.) Full links are best.  @rugbyartistsandmakers will follow you and repost some of your posts, with credit.
What's your Twitter?  (If you have one.) Full links are best.
How else can people find you?
Will you be sending a photo to go on the website that represents your work?  Please email it to
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Anything else I should know?  Or email
Will you help?  We now have a working party who seek to get things done.  Things like developing the website and working towards a pop-up (or more permanent) gallery.  We want to promote our artists and makers and benefit our town. *
PLEASE NOTE  Any information you have given above may go on the website, so don't include anything you're not happy to have made public.  It's just me doing the website and the Instagram and there's no pay or funding involved (unless you buy me a Ko-fi!) so I fit it in around my other commitments.  Once you click submit I'll get onto it as soon as I can.  
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