How to improve the quality of life at school
We are here to try to improve life for all students in school. We want them to have the best experience possible, so please fill out our survey and allow us to change school quality for the better!

šš‹š„š€š’š„ ššŽš“š„: š“š”šž š¢š§šŸšØš«š¦ššš­š¢šØš§ š ššš­š”šžš«šžš šŸš«šØš¦ š­š”š¢š¬ š¬š®š«šÆšžš² š°š¢š„š„ š›šž š®š¬šžš šŸšØš« šžšš®šœššš­š¢šØš§ššš„ š©š®š«š©šØš¬šžš¬ šØš§š„š². š˜šØš®š« ššš§š¬š°šžš«š¬ š°š¢š„š„ š«šžš¦ššš¢š§ šœšØš¦š©š„šžš­šžš„š² ššš§šØš§š²š¦šØš®š¬. š“š”šž šššš­šš šœšØš„š„šžšœš­šžš š°š¢š„š„ š›šž š®š¬šžš šŸšØš« ššš§ š¢š§-šœš„ššš¬š¬ ššš¬š¬š¢š š§š¦šžš§š­, š¢š§ šØš«ššžš« š­šØ š„šžššš«š§ š”šØš° š­šØ šžšŸšŸšžšœš­š¢šÆšžš„š² š®š¬šž šš š¬š©š«šžšššš¬š”šžšžš­.
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