Pre-planning content for a blog

It is estimated that there are 31 million bloggers in the United States. UU., Of which many blogs as a hobby, but many other blogs for business. Each time someone reads your blog you get more and more opportunities to increase traffic to your site. The value of blogs is well known, but publishing your blogs regularly can be a challenge. How do we prepare for content to regularly feed our audience?

Get organized

You do not need to know exactly what to blog on each scheduled blog day, but it is helpful to be prepared for the topics. Try organizing a calendar of topics to help feed your inspiration for the blog day. You can be as specific or vague as you want to be, just put something in the calendar so you have a starting point to avoid feeling like you have nothing to blog about.

How did I get inspired?

There are some tricks to finding topics for your blog.

• Try using keywords first to find ideas. Strong keywords in the category you want to blog about will help you in your search for inspiration on the web. For example, if I Being a food blogger and wanting to study the writing of a comparative on vegan dishes, I wanted to find out what foods I would like to write through an internet search on vegan topics. I could look for "vegan trends" or "vegan cuisine of 2012" to help me find an interesting angle.

• Ask around! You can do online surveys or ask people in your industry what they want to hear. You will definitely get some great suggestions.

• Take a hint of the calendar. You can use what happens around you to inspire you. Ask yourself; Is it a holiday? Is there an important event that everyone talks about? Are you in a relevant season for your industry? Examples? Maybe you write a health blog and it's a cold season, then you write about prevention or maybe you write a mom's blog and it's summer vacation, then you write about ideas for family vacations.

Know what to write

All bloggers must join their audience. Two great tips for doing well are ...

1. Start using the analysis to find out what your readers want. This means researching statistics on a platform like Google Analytics and seeing what your readers are commenting on or what they are spending more time reading.

2. Watch the competition to see what your fellow bloggers are talking about and what your online audience is talking about. It's an easy way to see what people are already interested in and can expand it with their own ideas.

Why we do it

If you've ever researched search engine optimization, you know that Google loves new content. This is a big part of why we blog, but in addition to being comfortable with Google, blogs also help you establish contacts, make you feel like an authority in your industry and open a more valuable online forum where your customers can communicate with you. . Look through our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to see how we use these platforms to market our blogs. For more information visit this webiste
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