TCSAAL Track & Field Meet Entry Form - 2017 Regional Meets
You must do a separate form for each age group/gender. Please use more than one form if you have more than 25 athletes on your team.

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Registration Guidelines
An individual can only participate in a maximum of 3 running events including relays and individual running events per meet and only 2 field events per meet.

Only 3 entrants per team per event. Only 1 relay per team per event. Please spell students names correctly as this will be what we use for our data for the meet.

Schedule of Track Events:

2 Mile (High School Only)
4 X 100 Relay
800 Meter
100 Meter Dash
4 X 200 Relay
400 Meter
200 Meter Dash
1 Mile
4 X 400 Relay

Field Events will run throughout the day. Please make sure runners prioritize their runs as they can make up a field event but not a run.

Please note that finals are only run at the state meet and only in the 100, 200 and 400 races if necessary.

Shot put weights: High School Boys: 12 pounds / High School Girls: 4 kilos / Middle School Boys and Girls - 6 pounds
Discus weights: High School Boys: 1.6 kilograms / High School Girls: 1 kilogram / Middle School Boys and Girls: 1 kilogram

Schools must provide their own shot put, discus, starting blocks, batons, etc.

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