DRA Student Agreement 2018
DRA provides weekly music tuition for young people and families. Tuesday evenings from 630pm – 830pm, at Edinburgh College Sighthill Campus.

1. Instruments

For the duration of their attendance at DRA students can be loaned a musical instrument (and equipment as required). The care of the instrument/equipment rests with the students. We expect you to treat them as if your own, and take care of them. Repairing/paying for any damage to the instrument will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Speak to us immediately if you become aware of any damage.

2. Payments

Payments are collected by Direct Debit at the end of each month. There are 12 payments of £40 per month (per student) throughout a 12 month period. If there is going to be a problem with payment it is essential that we are contacted beforehand. Cancellation of your payment will cease your membership of DRA. Payments are collected at the end of the month, with the first one being at the end of September.

3. Contact Information

We require updated contact information on all the children. If your details change it is important that we are informed.

4. Code of conduct

DRA expects all students to respect other students, follow the guidance of their tutors, and to undertake practice outside of weekly sessions. If individual students/families are commenting/posting information related to Dads Rock Academy online, we expect everyone to do so respectfully. DRA will not tolerate any inappropriate/offensive or damaging comments. If we are made aware of any comments added by an individual that is deemed inappropriate, their place at DRA will be terminated immediately. Whilst we have a Facebook page and a parent Facebook group, our tutors will not accept ‘friend’ requests from DRA students under the age of 18.

5. Attendance

DRA expects all students to attend weekly sessions, If you cannot attend a particular tuition session please call and let your tutor know.

6. Privacy

Publicity photos and video will be taken for our social media purposes. By signing this document you agree to us taking photos of DRA students and potentially yourself. If you prefer for photos not to be taken, please let us know. Photos will be held and used for up to two years. If you would like to read our privacy policy, please ask.

By signing this document you are agreeing to all of the above.

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