Global Nashikkar
Every Nashikkar living abroad is a Global Nashikkar .

With this initiative we wish to connect all Nashikkars spread accross the globe back to our city Nashik. Today Nashikkars are spread across the world, serving domains of IT, Finance, Medicine and other global businesses.

Every Non-Resident Nashikkar (NRN) gets pleasantly nostalgic whenever someone utters the magic word ‘my hometown’ or ‘the CITY of my forefathers’. Now that we are leading comfortable lives abroad, we need to re-connect the city that we all love our Nashik with a sense of ownership, compassion and contemplation.

As a supporter of the Non-Resident Nashikkar (NRN) movement, you can do a lot for your special city with the help of joining hands for Smart City Initiative by sharing your Proficiency in Technology, Knowledge, Networking & Resources

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