2015 Impact Purchase
This form is intended to take 10-25 minutes.

Separate projects may be submitted independently, or they may be bundled together. Bundling is best if projects cannot be easily evaluated independently, for example if the boundaries between them are unclear.
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The project
What is your name? *
What is your email address? *
What is the project? *
Give a brief description, preferably with links to the project's output(s) or to a more detailed description which already exists.
When did you work on the project? *
Was anyone else involved with the project? If so, what was their involvement? *
Include any funding you received to do this or related work. Include anyone who collaborated on this or related work. Include any organizations whose employees or volunteers were involved with the work (including you, if you did this project in your capacity as an employee or volunteer, or if it is related to your volunteering or work).
The offer
What is your asking price for this certificate of impact? However much of the certificate you are actually selling, this answer should be the price for 100% of the certificate. *
This is the minimum payment in exchange for which you would be happy to "undo" 100% of the socal impact of the project. See advice for setting prices at http://goo.gl/mFqanS. The offered price will be at least the asking price, but a lower asking price will *not* lead to a lower offer---the mechanics of the auction are described at http://goo.gl/i1tDbL.
What fraction of the certificate of impact are you interested in selling?
The default (and maximum) is 50%. The offer price will be scaled down depending on the percentage of the certificate that we end up purchasing. We may offer to purchase anywhere from 0% to whatever fraction you are willing to sell.  
If you receive an award, do you agree to conditions [1] and [2] at http://goo.gl/pFw5ul? *
You should evaluate the sale as if it "undid" the positive impact of the project. In any published outputs or descriptions of the project that include attribution, you should indicate that the funded project was backed by a certificate.
Some parts of this application may be published and discussed publicly. We will encourage respectful discussion, but there may nevertheless be critical comments. Do you give us permission to publish the sections "The project" and "Optional information"? *
The contents may also be the subject of arguments, and may be evaluated erratically or indefensibly. We may share them with other people interested in buying certificates. Your asking price will not be publicized or shared, but some information about it might be implicitly revealed by our purchasing behavior. Your comments on the process, or anything explicitly marked as private, will not be published without contacting you. (You can use the next question to indicate that particular information should be kept private.)
Are there any parts of this application that you would like to keep private?
Have you done any closely related work which is *not* included in your offer? If so, describe that work, and describe the boundary between what you are hoping to sell and what you are not. *
You can submit a separate application for separate projects.
Optional information
Briefly, what is the most important impact of this project? What evidence is available for impact?
If our decision depends on facts we don't know, we may contact you. It's most important to connect the dots for us if you think we might not know what we don't know.
What work or resources went into this project?
If you wanted to execute a similarly impactful project today, what do you think would you need and how expensive would it be? How likely would you be to succeed?
If the main resource required is your time, you might provide some upper bound on the price of your time (in addition to an estimate for how much time would be required).
Do you have any other comments on your application?
Do you have any comments on this process? What could have been easier? What was unclear? What else could be improved?
If you feel uncomfortable making critical comments at this stage, we'd also love to hear from you later at contact@impactpurchase.org
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