Medic Children Application Form (19/20)
Hi everyone!

Firstly a massive congratulations for getting in! We're sure you're going to love UEA and make the best memories.

One of the great aspects of NMS is the family system we promote - you may already have an idea of what this is if you've read the Fresher's Guide (online on our website,, on the Fresher's tab). In a nutshell, you will be matched with 'parents' - students in the years above who will be your guides/mentors during your time at NMS. They will give you advice about anything from nightlife in Norwich, to OSCE and exam help. This is a hugely successful system, and you will get to know people from the year above you really well, which is SO helpful especially when it comes to exam season. You will typically have 2 or 3 parents, with some 'siblings' (other freshers), making a 'family'.

You'll meet your family for the first time during Freshers' Week, and get to know them through events we have planned. This includes a 'family night' where you'll get together and spend an evening doing whatever you want! Make sure you get their social media contacts the first time you meet them, and make a group chat so you can organise this.

So we can match you with the perfect parents, please fill out the form below as honestly and specifically as you can. The earlier you fill in the form and more you write about yourself, the better your chances are of getting well-matched parents with interests similar to you! This form isn't for the medical school, only the MedSoc committee will see it so be as honest and realistic as you can.

We look forward to seeing you on the first day of fresher's week!

Love, MedSoc x

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