Firebusters Life Safety Worksheet 2018
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How much kid and pet free space do you need around something hot?
Why are doors and screens important on a fireplace or woodstove?
Buster's Monday Word of the Day!
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You should walk like a ______ when you walk on ice.
When enjoying winter sports you should always wear a ______ ?
Buster's Tuesday Word of the Day!
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When riding a bike, wear ______ colors so that drivers can see you.
When riding a bike, always ride on the _____ side of the road, facing the same way as cars and trucks.
Buster's Wednesday Word of the Day!
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Your bedroom door should be kept _____ when sleeping.
Your bedroom should have a working smoke alarm inside.
Buster's Thursday Word of the Day!
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Why should you clear sticks, needles and leaves from around your home?
When is it safe to leave any fire?
Buster's Friday Word of the Day!
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