Up with Cheer - Cheer Email Request Form
Fill out the below form to request your *free* Cheer.Email account from Up with Cheer (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization). Visit UpwithCheer.org for more details about the organization.

Please note the below parameters related to Cheer.Email accounts -

All accounts must be linked to a real person and may not be shared between multiple people.

"Vanity" or "alias" type addresses (such as "CheerGirl@Cheer.email") are currently not available (how ever they may be made available at a later time).

Commercial entities looking for "commercial" addresses should email "CommercialEmail@UpwithCheer.org" to discuss collaboration opportunities.

These accounts are currently provisioned manually so please allow a few days for your account to be setup.

In addition to the Terms of Service listed below, accounts are governed by the provisions of the terms of service of the service providers that Up with Cheer uses. Up with Cheer reserves the absolute right to limit or terminate an account if said account adversely impacts the ability to provide this service. Examples of adverse activities include but is not limited to abusive use of the account for such activities such as conduct of illegal activities, sending of unsolicited or adult emails.

Up with Cheer is acting as a SERVICE PROVIDER. Each user acknowledges that they are 100% responsible for all activities related to their account and explicitly agree to hold Up with Cheer, its employees and all other related persons harmless in relation to user's activities with this account.

ATTENTION USERS UNDER 18: Users under 18 should discuss this request with their parent/guardian prior to filling out this form.

Information collected will only be used to provision and manage Cheer.Email accounts.
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