Family Survey - Delayed Starts
Parent Survey

As a district we have had delayed starts on most Thursday's for Professional Development and Growth for our Staff for the past 7 years. We truly do appreciate the time to collaborate and learn together. We believe that having this time has allowed us to move forward as a district on many initiatives, which have positively impacted our students. We would like to have some of our support staff who are supervising students during delayed start times to be a part of the work that the teachers are doing. They aren't able to because we have needed them to supervise.

We are interested to hear from you as parents regarding the delayed start. While maintaining the delayed start, we are considering having our busses run at a later time.
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If you answered "yes", would you support the district having a later bus pick-up schedule on Delayed Start Thursday's? (They would pick-up around 1 hour later those days)
If we no longer offered programming during our delayed starts would you need to use the Eagle Zone daycare program?
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Would you be supportive of the district not offering programming beyond Eagle Zone on delayed start Thursday's?
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