2020 Friends of Education
The Friends of Education Award recognizes organizations or individuals in the community who have made a special contribution to education in Northern Lights Public Schools.

The major criterion for the Friends of Education Award is a significant contribution to education in Northern Lights Public Schools, either to more than one school or for a significant time frame. Nominees should be demonstrably committed to the improvement of education for students. The service must be documented.

Nominations for the Friends of Education Award may be submitted by an individual, school council or staff member. The Board of Trustees will review the nomination forms and may request further information or conduct an interview. Three (3) awards will be given annually, one for each geographical area (Cold Lake, Bonnyville and Lac La Biche).

Nomination forms must be completed and received by the Board of Trustees on or before June 5, 2020 to be considered. A nominator may not submit more than one candidate for a Friends of Education Award.

Please fill out the form below to nominate an individual, group or business for a Friends of Education Award.
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If you are affiliated with an NLPS school or are nominating on behalf of a school, please include your name as well as the school's name.
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Supporting Information
Information supporting the nomination must be included with this form. 
The following should be used as a guideline in formulating a nomination:
1. Describe the nominee’s particular area of service, outlining the demonstrated outstanding leadership and competence.
2. Cite the benefits that have been derived by students as a result of the nominee’s actions.
3. Cite the time frame within which the nominee made their contributions to education.
4. Describe the nominee’s relationship with the various members of the education community.
5. Give examples of how the nominee has demonstrated an interest in and support for education.
6. Outline the nominee’s involvement in community activities other than those noted in the field of education.
7. Include comments on the nominee’s commitment to students, schools and the community.

You may include the information in the box below or email it to communications@nlsd.ab.ca
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