Scorched Nuts Flame Effect Application
Fire is a central theme to many of the activities at Scorched Nuts. We as a community gather to celebrate it's light, warmth and magic. As such, we hold a special respect for it's power and as a community we come together to promote the safety of ourselves and our fellow participants.

This is the form that is to be used for the approval of ALL flame effects on event grounds. No walk-in or pressurized (poofers) will be allowed on site! Please fill this out as fully as possible, the answers you provide will be what is used to determine your eligibility to bring your art piece to the event.

This form must be filled out by the person responsible for the effect while on site!
Email address *
Have you read the Scorched Nuts Flame Effect Guide and agree to abide by all rules, regulations, and all instructions set forth by the SNORG? *
What is your full default name? *
What name does your heart go by? (playa name) *
What is a good contact phone number in case there are questions? *
Are you the flame effect builder? *
What camp are you staying with? *
What is the Art Piece's Name?
Do you plan to have this art piece placed by the ORG? *
If not, will this be placed at your camp? *
When do you plan to be on site and operating your effect? (no operation on Wednesday pre event or Monday post event) *
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