Baobab Consulting: Consultant Application
Baobab Consulting ( is a mission based firm promoting mutual understanding and equitable collaboration between Africa and the United States. We help organizations, individuals and institutions create appropriate strategies, share the right messages and learn the necessary concepts to build successful projects, teams and businesses that are mutually beneficial.

Our organization is currently comprised of two companies- Baobab Consulting, LLC in New York and Baobab Consulting SN in St Louis Senegal. Our consultant pool serves both entities, depending on the project needs for each structure. To be a Baobab Consultant, we require you to contribute to a quarterly team call, give one pro-bono service to the company per quarter (one hour strategy call, one contribution to a client or project, support on a new proposal etc.) and to act as a brand ambassador.

We are seeking consultants with skills and expertise in the following fields: communications, education, operations, fundraising, business development, report and proposal writing, entrepreneurship, partnerships.

In order to apply, please fill out the questionnaire and submit your resume to and

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