Demeng's Support Staff Application
Interested in helping Demeng7215's plugin users, the Discord, as well as many other things? Apply here!
Staff Requirements
• If applying for Moderator: "Support" rank
• Have not applied for a staff position within the past 3 weeks
• Level 5 or above on the discord
• No/limited warnings and offenses
• Intermediate knowledge in at least 2 of Demeng's plugins
• Advanced knowledge in how to operate Discord
• Motivated to help others
• Very active
• Mature and ability to solve conflicts
• Able to communicate efficiently

• Previous experience in helping/moderating communities
• Recommendation from a staff member
Staff Responsibilities
Support staff are responsible for helping plugin users and responding to tickets.

Moderators are responsible for maintaining the quality and control of the Discord server. Moderators must make important decisions and have an exceptional knowledge of the rules in order to punish those who break them.
Application Process
1) PreciseKill will review your application and discuss.
2) If PreciseKill thinks you should be considered, they will moderate and observe you as you help without having the staff role OR with a trial staff role.
3) After the observation stage, an admin may or may not interview you.
4) Once the interview stage (if there is one) is over, all staff will take a vote. The poll result will tell if you will be promoted to a staff member or remain as a trial staff for further observation.
5) If the majority of admins vote YES, you will be promoted to your chosen position.

Your application result will be direct-messaged to you via Discord by PreciseKill.
Staff Perks
Apart from gaining experience and helping, staff will also receive the following rewards:

• Staff role on Discord
• Access to staff-only Discord channels
• Discord nicknames, embed links, reactions, TTS, external emojis
• Potentially being promoted to a higher-ranking position and receiving more perks
• Sneak-peaks and other private stuff
• More!
I accept and understand everything above. *
Make sure that you meet all of the requirements, understand the application process, and know the responsibilities and perks of a staff member.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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