Hotel, Motel, and Bed & Breakfast rates for State of Iowa employee business travelers.
Rates effective July 1, 2019 - June 20, 2020. Please complete and submit by Friday, June 28, 2019.

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Please provide all information requested. If not applicable or not available, please indicate N/A. Properties with incomplete information will not be included in the State of Iowa's In-State Lodging Directory for state employee business travelers.
Please submit all information for inclusion in the State of Iowa's In-State Lodging Directory.
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State of Iowa employees traveling on official state business are limited to a reimbursement rate of $65 per day for a single occupancy room, plus applicable taxes. As validation of entitlement to State of Iowa rates, participating facilities must accept one of the following forms of identification: 1) State of Iowa employee identification card issued by the department or agency; 2) State of Iowa payroll ID (state warrant stub); 3) Written documentation on official state department letterhead signed by an agency officer identifying the bearer as traveling on official state business.
Will this property honor a $65 single room rate, plus applicable taxes, for State of Iowa business travelers? *
If NO, what single room rate will this property offer for State of Iowa business travelers? *
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When will the single and double room rates listed above be honored for State of Iowa employee business travelers? *
Will the state rates and provisions of this agreement be extended to Political Subdivisions? (Political Subdivisions include city and county governments, school districts, community colleges, or combination thereof. Note: Employees of the State's Regent Universities are State employees). *
Will state rates and the provisions of this agreement be extended for State employee personal travel? *
As the General Manager/Owner of this Property,
* I agree to honor agreement rates as herein described.
* I certify the information listed in this Rate Agreement is accurate.
* I certify the rates quoted will be valid 7/1/19-6/30/20, subject to availability.
* I understand any of the following could result in this agreement's cancellation:
- Failure to honor the quoted rates and policies
- The submission of inaccurate information
- Deficiencies in service levels
* I understand submission of this form does not guarantee acceptance by the State.
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