/int/ Minecraft History Video Application
This form is being organized by GuyNormus for the KC /int/ Minecraft server, to make a video showing the builds of the Alpha's Realm map. All answers will be credited in the video to whoever posts them here. The answers to this form will be public, so if you see that someone is trying to take credit for your build, contact GuyNormus.

(Yes, multiple submissions can be made. Submit as many as you like, within reason.)
Give your in-game nickname and/or an alias to go by. *
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(Optional) In the video, what nation do you want to represent? (Give name, abbreviation, flag colors)
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Is this your build? If not, who built it? *
Does the build have locked doors or hidden entrances? If yes, contact GuyNormus privately if you want to keep them a secret. *
What are the X/Y/Z coordinates of the build? *
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What kind of build is this? *
Give a brief description of the build, or link to an up-to-date wiki page. *
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(Optional) Give some additional history of the build.
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(Optional) Link to pictures, videos, or other materials related to the build.
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(Optional) Anything else?
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