2019-2020 Confirmation Saint Form
"To be saints is not a privilege for the few, but a vocation for everyone" - Pope Francis

We choose a Confirmation saint (like we choose a Confirmation sponsor) not out of due diligence to the “rule,” but rather because we realize how unfortunate it would be to travel alone. We recognize how important it is to know your Confirmation saint not only by name, but also by story. The saints have so much to teach us about this journey.

Pick a saint who speaks to you somehow. Know their story. But, mostly know the power of their prayer. Ask for their intercession like you would ask for the prayers of your friends. Saying “yes” to a Confirmation saint is like saying “yes, you may always pray for my poor and weary soul.”

How fantastic is that!? I pray that in this process you don’t just find a Confirmation saint, but instead an incredible friend. You can’t call up a famous person you want to be like and ask them for help, but your Confirmation saint is someone who you can talk to whenever you need them and they will always have your back!

Please complete Saint form by January 26th, 2020!
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Please prayerfully fill out the questions below, be mindful that some of the questions have a character minimum to ensure that you elaborate as much as possible about the Saint you chose.
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How did this Saint die? *
When is this Saint's feast day? *
What is he/she the patron Saint of? *
What attributes or virtues does this Saint have that you would like to emulate/imitate in your life? *
Tell of one interesting event in this Saint's life that has impacted you and WHY did it impact you? *
How can you serve and love in the same way this Saint did in your own life? *
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