Future Plans Survey
This survey includes some important questions to help us document the plans of our students who are graduating from the BWMCA this spring. Your thoughtful responses help us measure the effectiveness of the Blue Water Middle College Academy and identify our strengths and weaknesses, so we can continue to improve.

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Future Plans
We are interested in knowing what our graduates are doing after graduating from the middle college. Knowing your plans, even if they happen to change in the coming months, can help us help you accomplish your goals.

Please take time to completely and thoughtfully reply to the following questions. The more details you share in the two open response questions at the end, the more helpful it is.

If you have any questions about future academic or career options or the college application and financial aid process, please contact a middle college staff member as soon as possible.


When do you expect to earn your associate degree? *
How many SC4 credit hours will you have earned by the end of this semester (winter, 2018)? *
If you are not certain of the number of credits you have earned, make a good estimate.
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Are you planning on attending college in the fall? *
If you are attending a college in the fall, what college?
Are you planning on working next year and not taking any college classes?
Are you planning on enlisting in a branch of the U.S. military?
If you are attending a college or university in the fall other than SC4, have you been formally accepted?
If you are attending a college other than SC4 next year, how many of your SC4 credits do you expect to transfer successfully?
Have you spoken with someone at a future university about transferring credits?
If you are attending SC4 to continue to complete your associate degree, how many credit hours do you think you need after this semester?
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What level of degree are you seeking next? *
If you are earning your associate degree this spring or summer, we are interested in any degree you will be seeking after that.
Describe your academic goals and/or career plans below. *
Please describe in detail your academic or career plans over the next few years. For example, you might describe the type of degree and major you are pursing, such as a Bachelor of Science majoring in biology. Or, you might be entering the military to specialize in computer programming. Please spend as much time on this as you need to describe your future plans.
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What role do you feel the Blue Water Middle College Academy played in your future plans and your ability to make those plans become a reality? *
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Please enter your personal email address below.
We would like to be able to stay in touch with our graduates in the next few years. Your SC4 email address may not be active next year, and you likely will not be checking it. It helps if you have a gmail, yahoo or other address we can use to get in touch in the future. If you know your future university email address, that would be good, too. Thanks.
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