Food52 Secret Holiday Swap 2012 - CLOSED FOR 2012

<b> The Swap is closed for 2012 and the matches have been sent. If you have not received your match, check your spam filter for an email from or send me an email to have the information re-sent to you! </b>

Who doesn't love surprise packages, especially around the holidays and especially from our wonderful Food52 community? Here, for a second year, is the sign-up for the Secret Holiday Swap (think: non-denominational Secret Santa).

Last year we had an <i>AMAZING</i> swap around the country (and the world). The gifts were thoughtful and generous and really showed how great a community we have here. (Check out some of the highlights: We even made it on the Best of Food52 list for 2011!

The guidelines:

1) Submit your information to this form before <b>November 25th, 2012</b>. Make sure you're very clear about allergies and dietary restrictions! Spread the word and convince your favorite Food52-ers to join up as well.
2) After November 25th I will email you the name and address of your random Swapee. If you haven't been contacted by the 30th, email me.
3) Prepare a holiday package for your Swapee. Think of all the possibilites! Homemade is ideal (you like to cook, right?) but really the goal is to send someone a little bit of holiday joy in whatever way you know how. Maybe your Swapee's profile will give you some clues about what his or her favorite treats are or maybe you know your passionfruit preserves will knock their socks off. Be creative! Also, keep in mind that some items will survive shipping better than others. Package them well!
4) <b>Drop your package in the mail by December 12th</b> and wait impatiently.
5) Get a package in the mail from your Secret Swapper, take pictures to email me (which will be added to our Tumblr page so all can see!! and <i>remember to thank them</i> if they have sent along their name! Let me know if you haven't received a package by January 1st so we can track down what happened.

Remember: this will only work if we all follow these guidelines. Please send a gift if you promise to do so and don't leave a Food52er hanging! (We will find out...). Unfortunately, this happened to a few members last year. It was so disheartening. Don't sign up if you're not willing to follow through. This is all about spreading joy!

Let me (enbe/Noelle) know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions via at

Thanks for participating and let's make this as great a success as last year!


<b>For Food52-ers outside the US:</b> we'll take you too! Because it's trickier to organize, if you are international and sign-up, you're committing to sending anywhere, either in your home country or elsewhere in the world.

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