Suggestions for BYA Gallery & Event Space
We have great news to share!

Baltimore Youth Arts is opening our gallery for community use! We have a beautiful, multi-use space on the main floor of our building that we want to make available for rental. We envision this space being used for a variety of public or private programming and events, at an affordable rate.

We value your opinion, and we would love to hear from you! In order to design a convenient and inclusive process that works for everyone, we would like to invite you to share your input about rental rates, programming needs & ideas, and any other perspectives you may have as potential users of the space.

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What space(s) do you/have you used for your public and private events?
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If applicable, how do you/your organization use event or public gathering space(s)?
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Considering the work you do, what do you envision happening in a multipurpose space like the BYA gallery?
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Would you be interested in work-exchange for space rental, in lieu of payment?
Do you have anything else to share that might help us make using our space the best experience possible for you?
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