Gather - Editorial Staff Volunteer Application
Gather is about gathering different people with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences in order to gain new perspectives to nurture development and change. Start here to be part of the Team of Volunteers for Gather 2019.

Dates of the Conference: Daytime, September 12-13
Dates of the Music Festival: Nights, September 13-14

Material and content deadlines vary by assignment, most no later than September 21, 2019.

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As a Volunteer, you are one of us.
You will be helping to produce content to be used to spread the word about what happens at Gather... But to make it clear, this is what it really means...

You are going to Gather:
As a Gather Editorial Staff Volunteer, in return for doing the assignment, you will get tickets to the Gather conference on the 12-14 of September with the opportunity to attend panels, and connect with global thought leaders and “Gatherers.”

Here is a breakdown of mandatory volunteer options so you can plan your time accordingly:

You will be expected to attend the conference, participate, and then produce content to help document what happens at Gather, and spread the word to get more people involved in future gatherings. If accepted, you will be assigned a specific piece of content to create, and it will be turned in no later than 22 September, unless discussed. We anticipate the assignment will take somewhere between 5-15 hours of your time, not including your time at the events.

You represent Gather, so as a volunteer, you are expected to treat others respectfully and conduct yourself in a professional way, as you are a living part of our Gather brand. Please abide by the rules of conduct that are mandatory of all attending or working with Gather 2019. The information will be provided when we confirm your participation as a Volunteer at Gather.

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