Church of Hackers
We are here to provide a service where your questions or concerns can be answered by the clergy.
Although this is a bit of a parody to keep it fun, we do want to help the security community out there.

We want to help the unrewarded and our unsung hero's of security research persevere with their work. All too often do security researchers get their work disregarded and not respected, ghosted by vendors, get an "informational", get told its not a security issue only to see it gets patched anyway or worse. Its not just a technical battle its a mental one.

Patience is a virtue, and we want to help the virtuous by rewarding their saintly behaviour.
We need to support and reward their research efforts, even if its just a little pat on the back to keep them going.
We also want to help you speak up and out when things haven't gone to plan, provide resources and sign post to when help is needed. We would like to hear your InfoSec confessions and security sins to help absolve you from them.

We are working on raising a small fund to help reward our saintly ones (More information to follow).
If you are interested in contributing to the congregation please email to commit your donation.

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The next service is on 15th May 20:00 BST @TheManyHatsClub server.
Join us at the @TheBeerFamers talk for our ten minute congregation.
Your submissions will be read live on air during the last ten minutes of the show.
This segment of the show is not recorded.

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