Wear It Berlin 2018 - Workshop: Empowering Learning through AR
We are thrilled that you’re interested in Wear It’s Empowering Learning Through Augmented Reality (AR) workshop.

AR is going to be a vital tool in the classroom of the future. If students learn best when a subject is brought to life, then the ability to blur the line between topic and reality in AR is going to be a revolutionary tool.

In this powerful workshop, Inna Armstrong, Co-Founder and VP of International Strategic development at CleverBooks will explore this educational shift and the influence it will have on students. How will it happen and how can tutors begin to embrace the future? Attendees will learn how to individualise lessons according to students’ capabilities - and how to use the fundamentals of seeing, hearing and doing to encourage independent learning.

Interested in taking part in this uniquely visionary session? If you’re an ambitious educator, instructor or trainer who is working in either primary and high schools or non-governmental organisations, apply now for the chance. The only tech you’ll need to bring is your smartphone or tablet.

Only a limited number of educators can be accepted, so apply quickly!

Application deadline is May 31st, 2018.

Accepted applicants will receive a complimentary festival ticket.

Thank you!

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