Trust in Cloud Services : Becoming Digitally Responsible
Within the activities of a ThinkGroup on Cloud Societal Responsibility ( working on the design of an open label and a digital responsibility charter in the field of cloud and e-services, we are assessing the interest for such an approach. This survey is intended for companies in the broad Cloud and eServices industry.
Many thanks for your time and cooperation. We will be in touch with the results in case you choose to leave us a contact email address.

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Demographic questions
1. Company name? (optional)
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5. Your role in the company? *
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Targeted questions
6. Is your company ISO 26000 (social responsibility for enterprises and institutions)? *
ISO 26’000 definition: ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. This means acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society. source:
7. Does your company have ToS / SLA (Terms of Service / Service Level Agreement) that users need to accept before using your service(s) ? *
ToS = Terms of Service; SLA = Service Level Agreement
8. If yes to the previous question, do you feel as though your ToS / SLA are clear, transparent and understandable by all?
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9. If you do have ToS / SLA, is their interface user-friendly?
i.e. simplified interface, not too long, easy language, visually engaging, etc.
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10. How do you feel with respect to user perception of trust and confidence in using online services today? *
11. Do you have a Data Protection Officer (or similar responsibility) in your organization ? *
12. By what mean(s) do you guarantee your customers’ data’s protection? *
Project context
The online service consumers profile is slowly changing, to a point where many users are unsure of how safe their online data are. With growing awareness around the issue of personal information data protection, people are more and more wary of what happens to their personal data on the Net, and are more and more interested in having trustworthy online service providers.

But, what if you were given a capacity to make a pledge by adopting an open label and adhering to a charter based on digital trust and responsibility? What if you were given the opportunity to be perceived as a trusted infrastructure by your customers, self-evaluating yourself with respect to certain dimensions? What if your customers were then able to grade you with respects to your actual compliance to the pledge you made?
Project description
The goal of this proposed open label and charter is simple: restoring trust in the digital era.
The Cloud Social Responsibility Think Group has come up with the idea of an open label with 5 core dimensions behind it. It is based on a self assessment of the following dimensions:

- Trust – (e.g. : Existing and accessible ToS, ToS understandable by all, Simplified interface to ToS)

- Compliance – (e.g.: Existence of a data protection plan, Compliance to the data protection laws of the service providers’ jurisdiction, Compliance to the data protection laws of the service providers’ and of the users’ jurisdiction)

- Fairness – (e.g.: Data collection is recognizable, clarity of the data usage, informational auto-determination of the data’s usage i.e. can I say if I agree or not with the way my data is being used)

- Accessibility – (e.g.: Data accessibility i.e. can I see, rectify or delete it, Data portability i.e. can I take my data and leave with it, Data transferability)

- Diversities – (e.g.: Local service, Regional service, Global service)

By adopting the label, the service provider also adheres to a digital trust and responsibility charter and makes a pledge to abide by it.
The crowd has the possibility to validate this pledge by answering simple factual questions regarding their provider. The ultimate desired experience being the reinstatement of trust in digital services for consumers by placing the responsibility in the hands of providers.
This is where we need your help. We are looking to see how such a project would be received and perceived by companies such as yours, and your answers to the following questions will prove very useful for our research. We thank you in advance for your precious feedback.
13. What is important to you as a service provider? *
Multiple answers possible
14. Would you see such an open label and charter adding value to the services you provide ? *
15. If yes to the previous question, how would it add value ?
16. Would you be interested in adopting such a label and complying with a digital responsibility charter? *
17. If yes to the previous question, would you wish to participate in the Think Group around this project, or would you be willing to be in any way involved in the project?
Clear selection
18. If no to question 16, why wouldn't you be interested in adopting such a label and complying with a digital responsibility charter?
19. Do you think there exists a need for such a project (i.e. restoring trust in digital services for consumers and putting responsibility in the hands of providers)? *
20. Would you feel a certain amount of public pressure by the fact that it is an open label and that the crowd would be able to validate (or not) your self-assessment? *
21. Any comments / feedback ?
22. We will publish the results and findings following this survey on our website. However, if you wish to be informed of the results personally or if you'd like to participate in any way please leave your email address.
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