Attendance Transfer Request 2019-2020

The Transfer Request window is February 1- March 29, 2019 to receive consideration for district approved attendance transfers. The portal will close at 5pm on March 29, 2019 and no other submissions will be accepted due to staffing decisions that have to be made for the upcoming school year. If unforeseen circumstances arise, please contact Tabitha Talley ,Office of Student Services, to determine request process.


Instructions & Information:

Failure to provide all documentation needed to support the transfer will result in a denial. The intent of offering this privilege is to provide assistance to families who have a legitimate and documented hardship that the school and district has the capacity to assist in relieving the hardship through a transfer.

School bus transportation is not available to students on transfers to or from any residence. Parents must provide transportation if approved.

If the transfer request is granted, students in middle or high school may not be eligible to participate in athletics. No student will be eligible to participate in the same sport in different schools during the same season. South Carolina High School League regulations will determine eligibility.

All documentation must be included to support your claim for hardship. (If childcare is the need, you must provide documentation why childcare is needed. If it is work due to your work schedule, provide your employer name and your work hours for verification.

Only one child’s name on each request.

Transfers will not be considered based on desire to participate in extra or co-curricular activities at the requested school. A change in high school enrollment will affect eligibility to participate in interscholastic activities.

Requests for specific schools shall not be approved if the following situations exist:

Projected or actual enrollment in the school requested is above 90% of capacity* with attendance area children. An exception is granted for children of employees and other school-level employees who work on at least a half-time basis who request an out of area placement at the school or campus where they work.

To further control crowding and staffing expenditures in elementary schools, capacity is refined and reviewed at each grade level, based upon staffing provided and students already enrolled. The Office of Student Services shall notify students/ parent/ guardians who are currently approved to attend out of attendance area if there will not be room for the student in the next school year.

*Capacity is defined as the number of students that can be served by the school.

Redistricting/Annual Enrollment Projections (90%) Capacity

A preliminary annual enrollment projection for each school for the upcoming school year will be made by January 1st each year.

Requests for Change

In exceptional circumstances, Principals/ School Administration may request a change of schools for a student for other educational reasons. Educational reasons do not include subject choice or school programs (IB/ PBL)

The following provisions apply to requests for change in school assignments:

1. Approvals or placements may be revoked or denied if the receiving school is over capacity. Out-of-area placements shall be granted only when placement does not cause overcrowding at the receiving school and does not require additional staff, in keeping with this policy.
2. The Principal shall evaluate whether students who have been granted out-of-area assignments are in compliance with specified conditions, including regular daily attendance, acceptable behavior and adequate academic progress. Failure to do so may result in an immediate transfer to the assigned attendance area school, with the Director's approval.
3. Transportation for any approved out-of-area request shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Continuing Students

When the District approves an Out-of-Area transfer student, the parent/guardian does not need to re-apply each year for Out-of-Area approval unless the receiving school reaches capacity. If enrollment numbers reach capacity, the District Office of Student Services will notify parents/guardians. At that time, parent/guardians will be required to submit request of stay. Those will be determined based on hardship. When a student is not meeting criteria and it is considered most appropriate, an out-of-area approval may be revoked at any time by the Director of Student Services. The Director of Student Services shall make the final determination for revocation of transfer approval.

Students approved for an out-of-area placement must demonstrate acceptable behavior (no out of school suspensions), make academic progress, and be in regular attendance). Principals, in consultation with their school director, may recommend students who do not maintain these conditions be returned to their attendance area schools. Student Services shall review academic, behavior and attendance data for all students whose placements are recommended for revocation. The Director shall make final determination on revocation of placements.

Appeal Process

Parents/guardians who believe their request falls within the criteria for placement or procedure was not followed can submit an appeal (form will be attached to denial decision letter) to the Office of Student Services within 7 days of receiving their notice. If extraordinary circumstances exist, appeal of the committee’s decision may be submitted in writing to the Superintendent whose decision shall be final.

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