NF Jr Raiders Select Cheer REGISTRATION 2020-2021
We are excited to have you be part of our Feeder Cheerleading program at North Forsyth. In an effort to get the ball rolling this season and to avoid issues with extensive health guidelines, we will be having a registration period beginning 6/8 through 6/15 and forgo typical tryouts this year. This form serves as your registration form and is REQUIRED to be a member of the NF Select Cheer Squad. This form MUST be completed by Monday, June 15th. We will send email updates with dates and important information after the registration period has ended. :) Email or Coach Wood at if you have any questions!
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Do you have any obligations that will interfere with summer practices/camps, football season (games/practices)? *
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Do you have a current/up-to-date physical on file with North Forsyth? *
If yes, check yes. If no, please go ahead and get one completed. If there is an issue, please describe in the "Other" box below. Current Physical MUST BE ON FILE in order to participate according to GHSA Rules. Please make sure to use the current physical form found in the registration paperwork or on our website
By clicking agree below, you and your parent are agreeing to the information in the registration packet received. You/Your Parent are committing to the financial and fundraising obligations. You/Your Parent understand that cheerleading is a physical sport consisting of physical contact with other athletes; injury is a possibility associated with this sport (Explanation of Inherent Risk). *
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By clicking agree below, you and your parent are agreeing to the guidelines, rules and expectations outlined in the registration packet. *
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By clicking agree below, you and your parent have read the Permission to Display Student Photograph/Name Form. *
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By clicking agree below, you are verifying that your cheerleader lives in North Forsyth Feeder district. *
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Please click agree after reading through the following reminders: 1. Current Physical must be on file in order to participate. A link will follow this form to the physical form should you need to download. 2. Check emails regularly--as this will be our primary form of communication at the beginning of the season =). *
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