Quo Vadis - 10-Year Anniversary Book Questionnaire
Dear previous Quo Vadis conference chairs,

As part of the tenth anniversary of Quo Vadis conferences worldwide, we are inviting past chairs and co-chairs to be part of the Quo Vadis - 10 Year Anniversary Book. We will be publishing a 100 page book on the last 10 years of Quo Vadis conferences in May of 2019. This publication will detail each conference in full, with a report from you, as a past chair, as well as photos, and any other interesting information related to you hosting your conference. We are also eager to know what came out of each conference. This book is a large endeavour, however, we think it is important to have a full report on the progression of conferences over the last 10 years, because we have come far! This book will be given out to each delegate, sponsor, and speaker at Quo Vadis X in Toronto between September 20-22, 2019. Further, we hope to print enough (based on funding) to have this book be available for the future promotion of Quo Vadis conferences, donate to Polish institutions around the world, public libraries, etc.

This is a great opportunity for you, as past leaders of Quo Vadis, to share your experiences and knowledge with Polonia worldwide, including the younger Polonia who will be inspired to lead future conferences. You’re invited to share about your journey with Quo Vadis., as you were part of its legacy!


Matt Slowikowski & Justyna Korczynski
Anniversary Book Committee
Quo Vadis Conferences Canada

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