Just Between Friends - Grand Rapids Spring 2019 Valet Tagging Sign Up Form
Got more stuff than time? We have a wonderful team of price savvy and experienced JBF Moms who will prep, price, tag and bring your items to the sale. All you need to do is drop off your CLEAN items to our taggers after you qualify. You can earn 45% of the selling price less a $20.00 consignor fee. If you choose to volunteer 4 hours or more, you will receive 50% on your sold items.

Ready to get "it" gone?! To get started you'll answer YES to...:
1) Do you have at least 75 items to consign?

2) Are your clothing items in excellent condition?
* Clothes freshly laundered, free of stains, pilings, smoke/odors and tears?
* Zippers, button, snaps, etc - all work, all there?
* Clothes sorted by gender and size?
* Outfits separated out together?

3) Toys & Baby Gear in Tip-Top Shape?
* Toys and gear cleaned?
*All items FULLY functioning with ALL pieces and batteries included?

4) Nothing has a recall on it?
* Please check out our recall finder on the JBF website or go to

If you've said "YES!" to the above 4 items, are you ready to drop off?

********We LOVE large items, too!
STROLLERS BIKES BABY GEAR (Excersaucers, Bouncy Seats)
And so much more: books, games, shoes, carriers, swaddlers, diaper bags,
*******Big items clear more clutter and create more CASH!

Unacceptable Items:
To minimize unacceptable items, there will be a $0.25 surcharge PER ITEM dropped off that has stains, visable dirt, defects, is too old, not resalable, etc if items are NOT donated. Please be courteous of our valet taggers' time and efforts as they are working hard to put cash in YOUR pocket! Your quality items should be dropped off in “sale ready” condition to be tagged sorted by size and gender. Space is limited and we take requests on a first come first served basis.

The Perks!
* An emailed invite via Eventbrite to shop the Tuesday presale AND the Thursday evening 50% off presale (times of preseale are at: www.grandrapids.jbfsale.com)
* Helping Out? Helpers will be allowed to shop the presale before consignors!

Ready to get started? Please provide the below information so that we may plan accordingly. A valet tagger will be in touch with you shortly and we look forward to working with you! If you have questions, please contact Laura at grjbfrocks@gmail.com – we are always happy to help!

First Name *
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Consignor Number
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City *
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Zip Code *
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Phone Number *
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Approximate number of CLOTHING items to sell *
Approximate number of toys/books/large items to sell *
If you participated in the program in the past and would like to request your same valet tagger, please let us know her name.
Please note, requesting a specific valet tagger may result in waiting additional time to have your items tagged depending on the availabilty. Requests are taken in the order received.
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Are all of your items in good to excellent condition AND clean/"JBF sale ready" (YES/NO)? *
Please No stains, odors or defects - unacceptable items, will be assessed a $0.25 surcharge for each item dropped off that has stains, is dirty, has defects, is too old, not resalable, etc if items are not donated.
Any comments regarding your items?
ie: you have an exceptionally large item like a bunk bed, fragile item, etc.
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Please check the boxes below to indicate your agreement to these Valet Consignment policies and procedures. *
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