Little Kingshill Advent Windows
Complete this form to notify Martin at Kingshill Baptist Church of your intention to provide an illuminated window in Little Kingshill over December
Name *
Email *
This is how we can contact you easily in case of any changes or new inforamtion
Address *
This should be the address of where your window will be displayed (a house name and road will be sufficient)
Can we share your address (ONLY, not your name) *
By ticking "Yes" you authorise Kingshill Baptist Church to identify your address as a location where an illuminated window will be found in Little Kingshill during December 2020. We will share this information on our website on the Prestwood and Great Missenden Facebook group and over the Little Kingshill Village Society email list. The information may be collated onto a map to help people locate our many unnumbered houses in Little Kingshill!
Would you like a couple of pieces of A3 black sugar paper to get you started! (I'll drop them round to the address above)
Kingshill Baptist Church will hold your supplied data only until January 31st 2021, at which point we will delete these records. We will not pass on any supplied details to anyone, nor will we use these details for any purpose other than for preparing managing and sharing details of our 2020 Advent Windows initative
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